On Valentine’s Day the 2024 reading competition took part and was a huge success. Students from grade 7 started the day by reading out texts that they had prepared in advance. Afterwards, the jury handed out texts that the students had not known yet. After these texts were read out as well, the jury took some time to produce the results. In grade 7 we would like to congratulate all participants, especially the following students:
1st place: Eva Peters, 7d / 2nd place: Mirja Weiske, 7a / 3rd place: Takshim Karuf, 7c
Then it was time for grade 8. The participants followed the same procedure as the 7th graders. Finally, the winner was determined. Again, we would like to congratulate all participants and also thank them for the focused and positive atmosphere during the competition.

1st place Sophia Bakhtiarova, 8a

2nd place:  Chiara Lorbeer, 8b

3rd place: Dominik Hertel, 8a

A big thank you to our student jury (Ever Morshed, 9c and Sam Thiele, 9e) and to Mrs. Lamm and Mr. Stelzer, who organised the competition. See you again next year!